Bird’s Eye View (Clever High School Blog)

This is one of the coolest blogs I have seen since I found out how to even use a blog.  Clever High School uses the blog for everything in the school.  It serves, to me, as a typical high school webpage.  Yet, it is the farthest thing from that.  The blog is broken down into categories to view or post posts.  Academics, Band, Athletics, Student’s of the Month, are just a few of the categories given.

Coming from a sports background, I LOVE this blog.  It almost gives a mini article written by a peer about a game.  Being a 16 year old high school athlete, I think it would be pretty awesome to have a story written about you in your high schools blog.  It’s something that your peers in school, as well as people outside the school can see, and thats pretty cool.

Another really great aspect of this blog is the discussion of Student of the Month.  It allows teachers, peers, and even parents, to post who they feel should receive Student of the Month and why.  I feel that it serves as motivation to the students, to try to be Student of the Month and read on the blog people speaking your praise.  

This blog serves so many different purposes, and in my pursuit of becoming a PE teacher, a blog is a great idea.  I could use a blog for a variety of ways, but the way I would be most excited to use it is as nutrition and exercise diary.  I think it would be really cool for students to go home, and blog about what they eat every day, and how they exercise every day.  This would not only serve as a great outside the school assignment, but it would also promote eating right and exercising every day.  Students could discuss exercises they do, and other students could get ideas and use them in their everyday life.  We only see these students a few times a week for no more than an hour, it’s what they do outside of the classroom that impacts a healthy lifestyle.  A blog for my classroom would be great, and I think the students would really have a fun time with it.

Here is a link to Clever High Schools blog:



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