Wii Fit PLus: Voicethread

Wii Fit PLus: Voicethread

This voicethread discusses the way technology is incorporated into the PE classroom.  The WIi FIt Plus is a great use of technology to get students excited about exercise. 


Wii Fit Plus: Voicethread

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This video discusses the different ways PE is incorporated in to the PE classroom. The WIi Fit Plus is a great way to do this

Bird’s Eye View (Clever High School Blog)

This is one of the coolest blogs I have seen since I found out how to even use a blog.  Clever High School uses the blog for everything in the school.  It serves, to me, as a typical high school webpage.  Yet, it is the farthest thing from that.  The blog is broken down into categories to view or post posts.  Academics, Band, Athletics, Student’s of the Month, are just a few of the categories given.

Coming from a sports background, I LOVE this blog.  It almost gives a mini article written by a peer about a game.  Being a 16 year old high school athlete, I think it would be pretty awesome to have a story written about you in your high schools blog.  It’s something that your peers in school, as well as people outside the school can see, and thats pretty cool.

Another really great aspect of this blog is the discussion of Student of the Month.  It allows teachers, peers, and even parents, to post who they feel should receive Student of the Month and why.  I feel that it serves as motivation to the students, to try to be Student of the Month and read on the blog people speaking your praise.  

This blog serves so many different purposes, and in my pursuit of becoming a PE teacher, a blog is a great idea.  I could use a blog for a variety of ways, but the way I would be most excited to use it is as nutrition and exercise diary.  I think it would be really cool for students to go home, and blog about what they eat every day, and how they exercise every day.  This would not only serve as a great outside the school assignment, but it would also promote eating right and exercising every day.  Students could discuss exercises they do, and other students could get ideas and use them in their everyday life.  We only see these students a few times a week for no more than an hour, it’s what they do outside of the classroom that impacts a healthy lifestyle.  A blog for my classroom would be great, and I think the students would really have a fun time with it.

Here is a link to Clever High Schools blog:



Educator Blogs

The first educator blog that I have looked at was produced by a teacher by the name of Steve Haberlin.  Mr. Haberlin is a teacher that works with gifted students.  He uses this blog as a way to just discuss things that he goes through during his school days.  I think it is a great thing to share that other teachers can go to and see what other teachers are experiencing.  I am a full time sub and every school I sub at, when I leave I am put on the “preferred” list as soon as I leave.  Talking with other people that are substitutes, many of them do not have the same experiences as I do.  I think this blog is a great way for other teachers to see that other teachers may be experiencing the same issues that they are, and that they are not alone.  I know as a teacher I don’t want to feel as though I am the only person dealing with different issues, it’s nice to know others are having the same experiences I am.  I also think it gives teachers a great resource for ideas.  If someone has a great idea, or uses a great activity that causes great learning, why is it a crime for another teacher to take that idea and use it in their own classroom?  The goal of teaching is to promote and educate the future generations, so we should be working as a group to get the best out of our students.  The old adage goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”


Wesley Fryar has a great blog focusing on technology, which is a huge debate in schools these days.  He discusses a lot of his workshops that he provides for teachers.  The best part is that not everyone in the world can make it to these different workshops, but this blog allows people from all over the country to be able to participate.  His last blog discusses and gives pointers on how to properly use a Mac computer.  Many schools, including McDaniel College, are full of Mac computers.  While I use Mac computers at my home, many other students look at a Mac and are completely confused with how to use it.  If a Mac is in your classroom, you NEED to be an expert in using it.  Nothing is worse in a lesson when you are attempting to use the computer and it takes 5-10 minutes.  The students see this and think you do not know what you are doing, as well as the management skills are harder because the students could potentially get restless sitting in their desks waiting for you.  Again, this is just another great resource for teachers everywhere.

The last blog I looked at was by Vicki Davis.  The thing I took most from her blog is that it is all about being “cool” and up to date with the generations of learning.  At my age, I am at the point where I am familiar with the new technologies and can relate it to encourage the learning of the students.  However, eventually, I will get older and it will not be as easy to relate to these students.  This blog helps older teachers educate THEMSELVES on the new and upcoming generations.  I think it is very important for teachers to be able to adapt to new and younger students.  The world changes with every generations and while teachers stay in their positions, must be able to adapt to their students.  Vicki’s blog is just a way of helping teachers understand the new technology that is now available.  The best part of this blog is it is a great FREE informational resource for anyone to access.  You can also respond to her blogs and ask her questions that she can respond to.

Here is the link to Steve Haberlin’s blog:


Wesley Fryar’s blog:


Vicki Davis’s blog: